About Us

The All American Oakland Chapter (AAOC) is an international organization dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Oakland marquee. An affiliated organization of the Pontiac Oakland Club International (POCI), the AAOC strives to serve its members with due diligence in the course of chapter goals. To this end, a number of activities, events and publications assist members in their personal pursuits:

• A quarterly newsletter and website provide a continuous source of information and communication.

• Members have free advertising benefits via the newsletter and the AAOC website.

• Two annual car show events provide members an opportunity to display their Oakland’s and meet fellow enthusiasts.

150px-oaklandadIn 1981 an enthusiastic group of POCI members saw the special benefits Oakland owners could achieve by banning together. Through their conscientious efforts, the first Chapter of POCI was formed. The All American Oakland Chapter derived its name from the 1928-1929 marketing slogan, “The All American Six” Oakland. However it should be clearly pointed out that the chapter is an International Organization serving members in several countries. As an affiliate of POCI the chapter receives a number of benefits:

• Insurance coverage for Chapter events.

• Annual Conventions provide members the opportunity to meet fellow enthusiasts.

• The monthly publication of the “Smoke Signals”, a POCI magazine, provides members an international forum.  View a sample magazine

• AAOC members are eligible to participate in the POCI “Educational Scholarship Program”.

• Awards and recognition of AAOC members.

• Free advertising in the “Smoke Signals” reaches members world wide.

• Membership advertisements can be found in most hobby trade journals.
AAOC is Chapter #30 of the Pontiac Oakland Club International
(chartered in 1981)